MINT’s exclusive, multi-disciplinary, start- to-finish approach has proven to equip each applicant with their best chance to master their admission’s cycle. Your Coach will engage with your profile and your cycle analytics, while locating and optimizing the external and internal resources that will aid your professional, academic, and social development. MINT maximizes all measures to prepare you for success not only during, but after your acceptance to your dream school.

What is the Career Advisement and Initial Assessment Stage?

This is the brainstorming phase. You will receive a personalized MINT Welcome Package, and be introduced to the MINT coach that best fits your needs, based on your initial correspondence. Your coach will meet with you to assess your long-term career goals along with your desired educational route. An aggressive and effective attack strategy will be crafted based on the analytics of your admissions cycle, the isolation of your application's weaknesses, and the targeting and highlighting of your application strengths.

Resume Editing

The applicant will receive one of MINT’s exclusive, Ivy League preferred resume templates.  Your coach will work with you to perfect the resume’s format, spelling, grammar, and to strengthen the language used for distinct and meaningful work-related descriptions. The resume will be peer reviewed to ensure that it is precise and error-free. Each resume should be no longer than one- page long. Your MINT coach will make sure that your resume meets your application requirements. Your coach will work with you to make your resume more concise and aesthetically pleasing. This service consists of 3-4 rounds of drafting.

Personal Essay: Crafting a perfect narrative

The applicant and MINT coach will, in accordance with the strengths and information assessed in the initial planning stages, brainstorm to come up with a perfect essay topic. Your MINT coach will walk you through the infrastructure of a powerful essay, from the outline, to the end stages. This includes 3-4 rounds of drafting with detailed feedback and commentary, as well as peer review by another MINT coach. Your coach will make sure that your essay meets the requirements of your school’s application.

Optional Essays and Addendums

Optional add-ons include school specific paragraphs, where your coach will help you thoroughly research targeted programs at your goal-schools and artfully highlight why you are a perfect fit to the school’s student body. Optional add-ons include diversity/ disadvantage essays and the option to write a GPA or test score addendum. *This service is highly recommended*

Letters of Recommendation

Your MINT consultant will give you personalized advice on from who and how to request a letter of recommendation that will impress the admission's committee. You will be advised on what part of your cycle’s timeline is most appropriate for requesting these letters, and your coach will guide you in crafting a detailed, specific template to send to recommenders to encourage them to engage with and support your narrative. Your coach will make sure that the number of letters that you receive and request meet your school’s requirements. Additionally, your coach will advise you on which letters to submit to which programs.

Financial Resource Package

Your MINT coach will analyze your current financial objectives and help you create an effective plan that ensures a smooth, financial trajectory. This plan includes a thorough assessment of your eligibility for need-based aid, as well as assistance with preparing FASFA documentation. This plan also includes a targeted strategy to minimize overall education expenses, the research and production of loan programs and lenders that best suit your objectives, advice on savings and possible investments, a merit-based scholarship screening, potential scholarship essay review and editing, and a comparison of aid rewards to guide your final school decision.

Interview Preparation

Your MINT coach will equip you with invaluable advice necessary to master your school interviews. Topics included are: technical tips, what to bring to the interview, and interview attire. Your consultant will help you research the school so that you can best showcase the ways that your interests align with the school’s mission and objectives. Your coach will help you create a targeted and specific list of questions and talking points that will distinguish you as an interviewee. Your coach will advise you on interview etiquette and what not to say. This package includes a virtual mock interview with a senior coach.

Waitlist Support

You will be equipped with the tools to maximize your chances to get an offer letter. This includes help crafting a perfect letter of continued interest, reaching out to additional sources that can attest to your application strengths, as well as tactfully weighing the appropriate factors to determine whether to withdraw your application.

Do We Offer Financial Aid?

MINT does offer financial-aid packages to need-based applicants as part of our public policy initiative. Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Junior Consultant v. Senior Consultant

Junior Consultants and Senior Consultants are ranked and credentialed by related experience and cycle familiarity. Please note that prices may vary depending upon whether you preference a Senior or Junior Consultant. Please also note that all MINT Coaches are rigorously trained and all applications will be reviewed by division leaders.

Refund Policy

MINT does not offer refunds for completed services. Please contact if you are having a service-related issue. MINT is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will promptly address your concerns.

How are MINT Coaches Trained and Credentialed?

MINT has a dedicated team of consultants and developers who have both excelled in their own admission cycles and graduated from distinguished schools. MINT's rigorous on-boarding process and training requirements, coupled with MINT's ongoing training and education requirements ensure that each consultant remains equipped and ahead of the market.

What is MINT's Payment Plan Option?

Payment plans are optional and vary depending upon the applicant's needs. Please feel free to ask your Coach about a payment plan in connection with your service!

Still have questions? Reach out and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.