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How I got into every top-law school that I applied for (I blanketed the T14s)

Sometimes you will FAIL. You will doubt. You will fall. You will get rejected. Things will not work out the way that you plan.

I remember receiving my rejection letter from Pepperdine University like it was yesterday. I was sure I would get into Pepperdine. It was my dream school- right on the coast of Malibu. I hung the brochures on my wall and talked about it with my friends and family like I’d already been accepted.

I was sick. But instead of being angry- I made it a goal to never be rejected from another school again. I did not understand how to successfully navigate an admissions cycle. I did not even study for my ACT/ SAT before I took them. My numbers were subpar. I did not have academic references (literally my recommender was my pastor lol.), I hadn’t joined clubs or social groups that would attest to my well-roundedness, I had not put in the work to distinguish myself academically or with the extra-curriculars.

My mom had six kids. We lived in a small apartment in Bailey Creek, where I shared a room with three other siblings, and I was to be/ am the only one who would graduate from college. I knew I wanted to be successful- I just did not know where to start.

I started with the decision to teach myself. I ended up going to St. John’s University on an academic scholarship. I decided that I would go to law school and that I would master the admissions process. I led organizations, developed close relationships with professors who would be potential recommenders, worked for the bar association, the congress, and the city council (while supporting myself as a full-time waitress), and read every book and blog that I could on law school admissions. I studied it like it was a language. Unlike my ACT/SAT experience, I studied for at least 12 hours a day for my LSAT (Law School Admissions Test). My numbers were in the top 1% of the world.

I got into EVERY, single school that I applied for (these are only a few). WITH scholarships.

Turns out Pepperdine may have liked me after all ;) If you want change- make the decision to do something differently and then do it. Give it everything you’ve got, because no one else is going to give you the keys to the gate. TAKE them.