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Briana's Top 6 Resume Editing Tips!

1. Do NOT add organizations to your resume that you do not hold a leadership position in. The admissions committees do not care that you signed up for an ORG and are a general body member. The point of adding organizations is to show that you have leadership and engagement skills. What skills do you want your resume to be reflective of and how will you best portray them? Add a few meaningful organizations in the 'Education' section and move forward.

2. DO NOT be inconsistent with your formatting! How can you show a university/ potential career-field that you are detail-oriented and organized if your resume is all over the place? (hint: you can't).

3. DO NOT add anything prior to college (if you are applying to graduate school).

4. DO NOT add "overview, summary, skills (such as Microsoft Word, etc). Those sections are pretty archaic and your job/ organizational/ educational history speaks for itself.

5. DO NOT try to make it pretty. Resumes are not supposed to be pretty (fonts, colors, etc.) they are supposed to be HELPFUL. Do not overdo your resume aesthetics- you are only undercutting yourself.

6. DO condense your resume to ONE PAGE! Most committees/ career-fields do not have time to be sifting through various, unrelated positions and descriptions. Keep your resume short and sweet (concise and impacting)!