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FREE Online Resources for Pre-law Students

There are so many free resources available to pre-law students online - all you have to do is look! Never doubt the power of conducting a simple Google search or browsing through videos on YouTube. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of resources that you may or may not be aware of. The following list provides a great starting point for pre-law students in any phase of their journey to law school:


1. LSAT Hacks

Website: https://lsathacks.com/

Description: LSAT Hacks is the holy grail of these websites! Not only do they offer explanations for every question in each section for all available LSATs, but it is completely FREE. This website is very helpful if you're struggling with your review phase and have no idea as to why a correct answer is actually the correct answer. It also demonstrates why other answers are wrong and offers alternative methods to arriving at the correct answer. If you only visit one site on this list, make this the one!

2. Khan Academy

Website: https://www.khanacademy.org/prep/lsat

Description: Khan Academy and the makers of the LSAT have joined forces to offer a completely free LSAT prep course. The difference between Khan Academy and other courses is that Khan Academy's prep course tailors practice specifically to the needs of the individual. The program first asks you to complete a diagnostic LSAT to get a benchmark of what level you are testing at in each section. It will use this score, your intended test date, and how many days/hours per week you plan to practice to design an initial study course. The course then alters as you complete various activities. Its whole goals is to focus on the areas where you are performing the weakest. It also provides good practice and exposure for taking the digital LSAT. All you need is access to a computer and a free Khan Academy account!


3. LawSchooli

Website: https://lawschooli.com

Description: This is a law school blog that contains helpful posts about a range of topics. You can find articles on the specific methods others used to raise their LSAT score, timing tricks, bar pass rates of various law schools, and more! Plus, the articles are written by actual law school graduates, so it's almost like receiving insider information.

4. 7Sage Admissions

Website: https://7sage.com/admissions/

Description: This is another law school admissions blog that also offers their own LSAT prep course. A great feature is that they publish updated lists that include law school rankings for the current cycle, along with all application requirements for each school. You can make a free account to enjoy many of their resources, while purchasing their 'LSAT Ultimate+' course only costs $749! As a bonus, they offer logic game explanations and have a discussion board where you can ask questions.

5. Magoosh

Website: https://lsat.magoosh.com/

Description: Like 7Sage Admissions, Magoosh offers online prep courses for both the LSAT and GRE. Their blog portion contains helpful information like LSAT Study Plans, tips on how to improve your score in certain sections, and more. They also offer an app that you can download, allowing you to practice your skills through flashcards.

6. Top Law Schools

Website: http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/index.php

Description: Top Law Schools is an online forum and community of law school applicants. Here, people discuss their statistics, which schools they applied to, which schools they've been admitted to, any correspondence they've had with law schools in terms of updates to their applications, and more. This is a great unofficial resource that connects you with others who are going through the application process with you. They also compile data of applicants on the site to generate graphs that show the GPA and LSAT score of admitted, denied, and waitlisted applicants.



Website: https://www.lsac.org

Description: The official LSAC website contains a ton of information. You can find LSAT test dates, upcoming LSAC forums, digital practice tests, and a downloadable PDF of a previously administered LSAT. This is also where you will create an account once you are ready to register for an LSAT test date and it contains the portal where you'll submit your law school applications.

8. Actual Law School Web Pages

Website: Various

Description: A great place to get information on application expectations, median LSAT score, and other tips is to visit the websites of law schools that you are interested in. Some schools offer profiles of current or former students which helps you to gain a sense of the types of backgrounds that you could encounter once in law school. Schools with great sites include: Harvard and Stanford (have admissions blogs), NYU (has student profiles), and Columbia (a lot of interesting programs).

For additional information, check out MINT's eBook about the law school process titled, "The 2020 Admissions Guide to Your Dream Law School" and our eBook about the LSAT titled, "5 Simple Strategies to Improve Your LSAT Score." Both are available for download at mintadmissions.com under the 'Ivy-Resources' tab. For any other questions or concerns, feel free to email us at info@mintadmissions.com.