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10 Skills You Can Improve While in Quarantine

The Coronavirus has had some sort of impact on almost every aspect of the American economy. Many companies are not hiring at the rates they were before the pandemic, causing increased unemployment rates. Although there are states that have begun to reopen some businesses, it will be a while before things return to the way they were. While you're in quarantine, take time to polish some essential skills so that you are ready for the workplace when businesses reopen.

The following is a list of general skills that we recommend you work on while in quarantine:

1. Organizational Skills

Organization is a basic skill that any employee should have. If it's something you need to work on, take the time during quarantine to practice. Being organized at work is likely to improve your productivity, since you'll be neater and more responsible.

2. Communication Skills

Effective communication is essential, especially in the work place. The better you are at communicating with your coworkers, the smoother completing tasks will be. Be sure to work on all forms of communication, including written and verbal.

3. Decision-Making Skills

Being able to make important decisions is a crucial skill for any great leader to possess. Not everyone is apt at making decisions, but adding this skill to your arsenal will make you a competitive job applicant and a better employee.

4. Critical Thinking Skills

You are sure to be an asset to a company if you are able to assess a situation and combine quick thinking with sound judgement to make an informed decision.

5. Emotional Intelligence Skills

Emotional intelligence in the work place is an invaluable skill. Knowing how to read situations and determining how to proceed accordingly has multiple benefits. Possessing emotional intelligence will help you to be empathetic, sensitive, have more awareness of yourself and others, and will help improve your social skills.

6. Research and Analysis Skills

Learning how to research an unfamiliar subject, or to analyze facts, are crucial skills in any work environment. These skills not only allow you to be self-sufficient, but also allow you to be critical of information or data you are presented with.

7. Self-Management Skills

Being able to manage yourself is an essential skill. You don't want to be the person that always asks what your next task should be. Instead, you want to be able to take responsibility for knowing which tasks you need to complete.

8. Teamwork Skills

Teamwork is an essential skill that will follow you anywhere you go. Being able to work well with a team is crucial in meeting the demands of any job. Ask yourself: Am I receptive to other people's ideas? Do I know how to collaborate with multiple members to meet a single goal? These are things you can work on while in quarantine.

9. Leadership Skills

Leadership takes multiple forms in the work place, and even if you're not a leader now, you always want to be sure you are ready to be one in the event you are needed. Make sure you not only know how to manage others, but are also able to effectively allocate tasks to other team members. There are many skills you can constantly be working on to become a better leader.

10. Writing Skills

Part of effective communication includes the ability to articulate your thoughts in a written format, such as emails or letters. Use this time to research professional email introductions, proper formatting, and how to be concise.

We, at MINT, encourage you to make the most of your time in quarantine by preparing yourself to be a competitive job applicant or a better employee. This will ensure that once businesses reopen and companies begin hiring again, you can demonstrate how invaluable you are/will be to a company. Use this list as a starting point to guide the development of essential skills needed in the work place.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out some of MINT's other resources such as our eBook, "The 2020 Job Search Toolkit." As always, feel free to email us at info@mintadmissions.com with any inquiries you may have.