MINT's webinars cover invaluable professional development, academic preparedness, and financial literacy materials. Seminar leaders are highly credentialed and rigorously trained. Leaders also cover the emotional impacts of navigating the education sphere, such as long-term goal development, depression, anxiety, and more.
Webinars are free for clients. All other participants must pre-register for each webinar, in advance.

Resume Writing: Proven Techniques and Ivy-League Recruiters' Recommended Strategies

Perfecting your resume is the perfect first impression.

Your goal in constructing your resume is to create an effective marketing tool. Depending upon the program that you are targeting, you should aim to highlight relevant experience pertinent to your long-term goal(s). Admission committees often spend less than a minute looking at each resume when they first receive it –so a well-organized, informative document is critical to your application. 

Be prepared to create a strategic attack plan that addresses each stage of your resume process

*Registrants who take the Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Webinars may be eligible for Internship Program admission*​

Cover Letter Writing: How to Use Your Narrative to Sell Your Candidacy.

Introduce yourself as a necessity.

This webinar provides communication, writing, and professional tips for introducing yourself to organizations in a narrative form that will both accompany the rest of your application, but strengthen your resume. Webinar leaders will focus on ways to understand how to use an employer's/schools hiring/placement needs to develop a market-like approach to crafting a cover letter.

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Acing an Interview: How to Interview for Your Dream Position.

Prepare to challenge.

This webinar teaches you how to display the skills that employers/schools are looking for when they interview applicants. For each skill, this webinar discusses how to implement the skill above the expectations of your interviewer, as well as provides crucial tips for improving your interviewing skills.

You should be prepared to learn how to prepare, execute, and follow up on an interview.

*Registrants are recommended to request a mock interview service after taking this webinar.*

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Law School: What is a Strong Law School Applicant?

How to Conquer the Law School Application Process.

Harvard Law School graduate, Attorney, and MINT Founder, Briana Williams, offers essential tips for those who plan to master their law school admission process. Briana focuses on breaking down each component of a law school application to answer what the admissions committees are asking you, ranking and organizing your credentials by level of admissions importance, and ways to assess how competitive you are relative to your cycle.This webinar will help you develop the top ivy-league recommended strategies that will result in your strongest possible application package. 

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Financial Tips: Plan, Budget, and Prepare Like an Expert.

Set the foundation to grow your wealth.

This webinar teaches a universal approach to financial management, budgeting, and preparing. This webinar instructs every level, from undergraduate to postgraduate, on using the important tools to prepare for your financial future.

*Registrants are encouraged to also attend and participate in the Small Business Webinar/Lab* 

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How to Start a Business and Generate Extra Income: An Introduction 

Capitalize on every idea that you have. It is worth it.

This presentation offers step-by-step guidance to generate additional revenue by starting a side business. You will understand the essential start-up, financial, administrative, and marketing/branding strategies to succeed in your industry! This presentation is for individuals at all education levels/ ages who are looking to develop a side business that is both operationally sustainable and lucrative! Here is your guide through the initial foundation questions that provide insight on how to stay ahead of our consumer-driven market!

*Registrants should inquire about business start-up kits and consulting*